Answers to Common Questions

The search for the perfect diamond can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. For that reason, we have a loose diamonds search module below to help find that needle. Additionally, you can contact us for any questions or if you need help in your search.

We will accept returns for refund if within 7 days from the purchase date and the item is in new condition. If item is returned within 30 days and in new condition, we will offer store credit. Special orders and custom ordered pieces are non-returnable and non-refundable. Items must be in new condition and be complete with all packaging materials and manuals for timepieces. However, we always go out of our way to make our customers happy and will do whatever we can to make changes to the piece to suit you best.


We offer financing through Synchrony Bank. Upon their approval there are a few financing options available. Any member of our staff can explain these options. We also happily welcome jewelry in layaway throughout the year.


No, we don’t, and there are several reasons for it.

  1. We are different than many, if not most stores.
  2. We do not sell previously worn jewelry. When you make a purchase from Lapeer Gold and Diamond, you know there is NO chance you might be buying your neighbor’s wedding ring. You have the reassurance that the item you are going to be wearing for many years to come is not stolen, and that we are not a pawn shop.
  3. Years ago, we were buying gold until we had some people selling just TOO many old wedding sets. I mean really, how many times did these people get married? I was having real trouble buying stuff that I was uneasy about. We were getting fingerprints and valid ID, sending all the appropriate forms in to the City Police Department, but the last straw was when the State Police Post Commander called me and said “Hey, the next time xxx xxxxx comes in, call me, we have a warrant for his arrest.” I didn’t want a line of police cars every week out front, so I stopped.
  4. We participate with The Kimberley Process, which is a system of warranties that helps insure we are not buying Conflict Diamonds. We buy diamonds from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions, the seller guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees by the supplier of these diamonds. So, to be confident I am not selling conflict diamonds, I do not buy off the street as individuals selling their own personal diamonds have no idea where they came from.
  5. Also, I have a friend who worked at another store in the area for a few days. She quit because she didn’t like their business practices. Case in point: A woman went in to the store to sell her wedding set. The owner of the store was called in to give the woman a price on her wedding set. He offered $140. The woman was aghast and offended. She had purchased the wedding set six months earlier for $3600. Now I ask you, will that woman EVER buy anything from that store? Not a chance. Will that woman tell every one of her friends about her experience there? You can bet your last dollar. I’m not sure about all, but some stores are buying gold for pennies on the dollar because people are hurting and would likely sell for whatever they can get. Sad. I truly believe in helping our community, not taking advantage of it.

You sure can! All of our appraisals are performed by a Graduate Gemologist, who is trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). He is evaluated and tested annually for optimum performance standards. Whether you need an appraisal for present condition purposes, insurance replacement or estate purposes, Steve will be happy to counsel you. While these appraisals are not performed on-site, we hand deliver your piece to Steve for an extremely professional Appraisal Document. Throughout the year, we bring Steve into the store for Appraisal Days. Contact us for the next available date if you would rather wait to meet Steve in person. Many insurance companies recommend your appraisal come from Lapeer Gold and Diamond.


Absolutely! In fact, we can perform some repairs that most stores cannot do. We have the first laser welder in Lapeer and with it we can perform jewelry repairs and manufacturing techniques that were impossible only a few years ago. All of our associates are skilled in diagnosing most common repairs and Mark, our Head Goldsmith with over 29 years of experience, can be consulted for any intricate or special jewelry repair needs. We can do most any kind of repair from (but not limited to):

  • Ring Sizing and Chain Repair
  • Solder Eyeglasses (even Titanium)
  • Re-tip Prongs and Recondition Jewelry
  • Replace ring shanks
  • Replace missing Stones

Yes, you can. We stock batteries for most major brands of watches and we will put them in while you wait. Pressure testing your water resistant watch is also available. We can repair and service most major brands of watches using the services of John, our watchmaker. While we don’t perform watch repair on-premise, we will hand deliver your watch to John for a prompt estimate of repair. There’s no obligation should you decide to decline repairing your watch. Come in and see any one of us for your watch repair needs.


We do this all the time! Lapeer Gold and Diamond can remount or custom design the item of your dreams. Jessica, our Head Designer can create a one of a kind heirloom for you using one of our CAD software programs. You’ll see a full color rendering of your design, plus YOU GET TO WORK WITH HER as she is creating your piece. We can cast from your design or we can create a one-of-a kind piece of art or you may select from our wide inventory of mountings and precious gemstones at great values. Stop in today to see all we have to offer. You will be amazed at what we can do!

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