The perfect compliment to any outfit.

A necklace is a great compliment to the perfect outfit. For that perfect outfit, we have a vast selection of necklaces & pendants on our website, and on the website of one of our manufacturers. Contact us today for any questions – or visit our store to see the jewelry in person.


Diamond Infinity-Style Necklace

Item #: 652462:60000:P
Description: 14K White, 1/4 CTW Diamond, Infinity-Style 16-18″ Necklace

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Sterling Silver Necklace

Item #: 66984:60001:P
Description: Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Necklace

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Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

Item #: 65360:60001:P
Description: Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia, Heart 18″ Necklace

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Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace

Item #: 651343:100:P
Description: 14K White, 1/5 CTW Diamond, Sideways Cross 18″ Necklace

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Sterling Silver Dark Blue Necklace

Item #: 651641:104:P
Description: Sterling Silver, Dark Blue, Cubic Zirconia, 18″ Necklace

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14K Yellow Necklace

Item #: 86500:102:P
Description: 14K Yellow, 1/6 CTW Diamond, 18″ Necklace

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Yellow Diamond Cross Pendant

Item #: R42345:601:P
Description: 14K Yellow, .08 CTW Diamond, Cross Pendant

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Yellow Round Pendant

Item #: 86476:285:P
Description: 14K Yellow, 4.1mm Round Pendant Mounting

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Rose Rainbow Clover Pendant

Item #: 86587:605:P
Description: 14K Rose Rainbow Moonstone & .03 CTW Diamond Clover Pendant

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We have a bunch more inventory in Necklaces & Pendants. Browse the entire selection at one of our manufacturer’s website by clicking the button below. Contact us today for any questions – or visit our store to see the jewelry in person.