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A great ring, to match their ring.

There is nothing quite like an engagement ring – and what it says about the love that a person has for another. For your engagement, we have a vast selection on our website, and on the website of one of our manufacturers. Contact us today for any questions – or visit our store to see the rings in person.



Description: Distinctive gents ring with one round Diamond and inlaid onyx set in 14k White Gold.

Price: $934.00

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7.5MM Hammered Milgrain Colbolt Chrome 760-1189

Description: This very unique 7.5mm wedding band in Cobalt Chrome features a hammered center, two milgrain sections and  high-polished edges.

Price: $342.00

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7mm Soundwave Colbolt Chrome 760-1215

Description: How cool is this? You can record your voice and have your own soundwave laser engraved onto your 7mm Cobalt Chrome wedding band.

Price: $538.00

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Titanium 760-1118

Description: Gent 8mm Titanium band with three round diamonds at the end of anodized blue inlay area.

Price: $597.00

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Zirconium 8mm 760-1201

Description: Gents 8mm Zirconium band with three bezel set round diamonds.

Price: $944.00

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Acid Damascus 7mm 760-1115

Description: Gents acid washed 7mm Damascus Steel band. Very cool!

Price: $477.00

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Celtic Zirconium Men’s Band 760-1205

Description: Gents 8mm Zirconium band with Celtic design.

Price: $404.00

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Meteorite Zirconium 760-1197

Description: Out of this world! This unique 8mm Zirconium and Meteorite band.

Price: $1,160.00

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Mountain Titanium 760-1210

Description: This 9mm Titanium band features a mountain scene laser engraved into it.

Price: $322.00

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Satin Polish Acid Damascus 760-1114

Description: This very unique 8mm Damascus Steel band has a Satin/Acid/Polished finish to it.

Price: $1,047.00

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Zirconium 14KR 760-1202

Description: This 6mm Zirconium band features a center inlay of 14k rose gold and a hammered finish.

Price: $714.00

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Polished Damascus Steel 760-1113

Description: 7mm Polished Damascus Steel band with Sterling Silver inlay.

Price: $597.00

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Men’s Band 980-043

Description: Gents Sterling Silver ring with 5 Princess cut Cubic Zirconia.

Price: $465.00

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Titanium Golf Band 8mm 760-1109

Description: 8mm wide Golf inspired Titanium band.

Price: $357.00

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Titanium Satin and Polished 7mm 760-1116

Description: 7mm wide satin/polished Titanium and 14k wedding band.

Price: $867.00

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9mm Aspen Colbolt Chrome 760-1206

Description: This Cobalt Chrome wedding band features a beautiful Aspen forest scene laser engraved into it.

Price: $404.00

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Browse full selection on our manufacturer’s website.

The images and videos shown in the above links are but just a small sampling of what we carry in-store. To shop additional pieces, you can select Shop More below to view our manufacturer’s website. Want to build it yourself? Life is full of infinite possibilities. Click below to create a masterpiece of your dreams! You select a jewelry style and complete it with colored gemstones, pearls or diamonds in whatever arrangement suits your fancy.